Sunday evening, 15 December 2008.  Third Sunday of Advent.  Warmer than it has been lately and windy.  My friend Dr. Mark Valenzuela is back from a semester in Britain.  He rejoined the choir this morning.  It’s good to have him back.  We all missed his humor and quiet demeanor.

Yesterday, I made a trip to Willard Library (it has a great genealogy department), to get just some light reading for between now and Xmas.  I got a few good things I think.   If Charlie leaves me alone in the evenings, I may actually get to read uninterrupted for a time.

The National Cathedral has something every week, called the Sunday Forum.  It’s a Question/Answer session between a noted guest and Dean Sam Lloyd of the Cathedral.  It takes place in the nave of the cathedral between the two Sunday Eucharists.  This morning, the guest was Tavis Smiley, the black political pundit and media personality.  Since the purpose of the Forum is to talk about faith and how it relates to this nation and the life we lead, today we got a great glimpse of something I have never seen before, which was Mr. Smiley’s faith;  what it is for him; how it motivates him; and what he hopes to accomplish with it.  Quite revealing, to say the least.  There were many, many memorable quotes, and maybe I will go back to the site later this week and write a few down.  Of note however, was his contention that the thought that America is now a “post-racial” nation is nonsense.  His word, not mine, although I concur.  Better than it has been in the past? Undoubtedly!  But not nearly as good as this country promises to be or aspires to be.  Informative and thought provoking to say the least.

I made a big pot of chili this evening, but even though I like it thick, I watered it down to make it last a little longer.  Maybe I’ve made enough to have for lunch through Friday.  It was still good though.  And so, a new week is about to begin, and after I read a couple chapters of one of the books I borrowed yesterday, I’ll be off to bed.

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