Evening, Christmas Day 2008, the first day of Christmas.  For the day, all the singing is over. The family has been fed with our usual big Christmas feast, gifts exchanged, and only the quiet star-lit blackness of a winter’s night remains.  Charlie T. Dog has piled himself up on the bed for what he hopes will be a long snooze.

Tonight is a bit of quiet, a time of gratitude, an interval of simple being.  Here, beside the fire, it feels good just to luxuriate in the near silence.  Off in the other room, the local public radio station is playing some carols, softly and gently.  Its hard to believe that just tomorrow, finding a spate of carols on the radio, or anywhere else for the matter, will be next to impossible.  This culture of ours has it all backwards: Christmas begins today and goes for 12 days.  This is the time to hear carols, not last halloween or thanksgiving.  For a supposed Christian culture, American society is almost completely illiterate about its own customs and certainly, its animating theology.

Yesterday morning’s Festival of 9 Lessons and Carols from Cambridge was its usual highlight for me.  During that time, the phone is off the hook; the cell phone is turned off, as is the computer.  For that hour and half, I don’t care about cleaning the house for company, or doing the dishes, or doing laundry or cooking for the family….for that matter I don’t care about “doing” anything.  It is Sabbath time; a time to think, enjoy, sing along, pray, and at that time to do nothing else.

After two Eucharists yesterday (the last at Midnight – I got home after 2 AM) , visiting my sister for a supper, taking care of Dr. Mark’s cats, since he is out of town, v prepping for the rest of the family today, and cooking this morning with nephew Brent from 8 AM till 1 this PM,  I am just weary.   Its more than tired; its weariness.  But a good sleep tonight, I hope, will remedy that.  Tomorrow, extended family and friends start arriving for Jenna’s Saturday wedding,  and tomorrow evening early, is the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  

A busy time; a frenetic time.  but amid it all is tonight’s quiet, tonight’s wholeness.  Christ is born.  Heaven and earth rejoices.  And once again, in this kairos moment, ancestors and we still living are met with Godhead in the form of a little baby.

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