Saturday evening, 27 December 2008.  The third day of Christmas.   All day yesterday and this morning, extended family members and far flung friends have made their way to town.  Mary Anne McCallister Schmitt and Anthony’s youngest and their only daughter, Jenna, married Rick DeVoy today at 1:30 PM at St. Mary Church here in Evansville.  A picture or two may be forthcoming sometime soon.  Mary Anne, being true to her tight fisted Scot’s heritage, chose today’s date in part since the church would still have fresh decorations from Christmas, and no other flowers/decorations would be needed.   I applaud her thriftiness.  Pa would certainly be proud.  63 years ago last month, granny and pa were married in the same church.  The tradition continues.

Today’s weather was quite favorable, with the day time temperature hovering around 70F, although windy.  This evening however, about 8 PM, the expected cold-front slammed us with high winds and pelting rain.  There has been no damage at my house or at Mary Anne’s  that I can tell.

The sung wedding eucharist was lovely, as was the reception:  cowboy boots, hats, belt buckles, barbeque and baked beans notwithstanding.

After Sunday Eucharist tomorrow morning, a series of visiting by all those in town will occur, I am sure.  It will be an interesting afternoon, as long as the TV stays off.  Fat chance of that!

All in all, it was a great event to begin the ending of the year.

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