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Tuesday, 10 February 2009, week of the 5’th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Roman tradition) and the 5’th Sunday of Epiphany (Anglican tradition).  A lot of Catholics think that the appellation of Ordinary, as relates to some Sundays, means that not much is going on.  Ordinary, in this case, for the Roman Tradition, means that the Sundays are numbered, as in “ordinal” numbers.  Ordinary here, has nothing to do with hum-drum; especially not, since every Sunday, even those in Lent, are celebrations of the Resurrection.


This is a rainy, gloomy, gray day but quite warm for this time of year.  It was 70F yesterday here.  I have a horrible cold and feel like the proverbial offal, and so, am catching up on things, like this blog, rather than expending my efforts for work.

Here are a few of the things that have animated my life since Jenna’s wedding at the end of December.


My teaching/preaching for the LIFE session of 7 January 2009 went very well.  It was on the saints and prayer.  I can email you a copy if you would want one.  I understand that sometime in the near future, it will also be on the St. Mary website and you’ll be able to read it/download it from there as well.  The LIFE (Living In Faith Everyday) program has been developed by our pastoral team for use at St. Mary.  By and large, the presentations, both scriptural and church-practice, are prepared and presented by the laity.  This is a great blessing for us.


Barbara Brown Taylor was featured in the Sunday Forum, and preached during the Eucharist at the National Cathedral on Sunday 11 January 2009, the Baptism of the Lord.  Dean Lloyd of the Cathedral introduced her as the “most sought-after preacher in the Episcopal church today.”  I can understand why.  I awaited her reflections eagerly and was certainly not disappointed.  Her sermon was absolutely phenomenal.  She is an ordained Episcopal priest, but no longer is active in parochial ministry.  Rather, living in northeast GA where our McCallisters did for a time, she writes and lectures at several colleges/divinity schools.  All that is in addition to gigs as guest preacher in churches around the nation.  She has a new book about to come out:  An Altar in the World: A Geography of Faith.  I am certainly getting a copy as soon as possible.  In it, she calls for the marriage of the mundane with the sacred:  a wedding, I would think, espoused by all the great saints, and certainly by Jesus himself.  You can watch or listen to her sermon by going to the Cathedral site, and looking in the Sermon Archives under the Spirituality & Worship section.        Everytime I hear someone so Spirit-filled preach, I just wonder why our Roman Catholic tradition limits both its priesthood and its preachers to men only.  That’s nuts!


Barach Obama was inaugurated as president.  I never thought I would ever see a black American assume this position.  Whether he will be an effective and conscientious president remains to be seen.  But he does instill a sense of hope, which we all need.  I trust for now, that we the American people, will not be disappointed.  Yet, he inherits some horrendous challenges.  With prayer and God’s will, may he succeed.


We had a huge winter storm: days of freezing rain and ice, followed by a topping of snow.  We never used to get ice storms here at all.  They stayed far south of us, usually affecting places in northern GA and AL etc.  For several days, the sharp winter cold was pierced by gun-fire like cracks of limbs breaking, trees falling, and wires kissing the ground.   I did not lose power here, except for an occasional flicker, nor did Mary Anne’s house, although she has telephone and electric lines close to the ground now.  She had 14 people (mostly Anthony’s relatives) staying there whose own homes were without power.  Vickie and John also were without power for a week or so.  Cousins of mine, in several different families who still live in western KY may still be without power.  The icy devastation was huge.


My sister Mary Anne, Jenna’s mom, had a relapse of her “plumbing” problems and was in the hospital for a bit at the beginning of February.  Additional surgery may be indicated at some future point.  Between daughter Jenna’s wedding, husband Anthony’s bum legs, and the ice storm, I think the stress took its toll on her system.


Enough rambling for today.  If you enjoy my thoughts, drop me an email.  I am always glad to hear from folks.










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