Monday evening, 8 December 2008.   Feast of the Immaculate Conception on the Catholic calendar.  It was sunny this morning, but quite cold.  The day warmed up nicely though.  I spent most the day preparing for the teaching I gave at church tonight, not on the Immaculate Conception, but on the Incarnation of Christ as Jesus.  This was a talk  to the RCIA (rite of Christian initiation for adults) group and their sponsors.  Had 20 or so there, and some were missing.  And it went surprisingly well, considering most of my preparation time was spent in New Harmony over the weekend.  And I basically spoke about the immanent and transcendent approaches to understanding that mystery.  Had only an hour between Eucharist and the session, but had a nice dinner at a buffet with 3 ladies from the church.  One of the more memorable lines from the talk was this:  “Pure humanism, however altruistic, is Godless nonetheless.  And pure transcendence is far too exclusive to be Christian.”  At least the pastor didn’t jump up and yell “heretic” at me.  LOL.

Wild dog Charlie is pressuring me to tell him the doggie Christmas story again this year….all about santa dog and his reindogs.  Will have to find my notes on that.  Its been a year and I tend to forget what I said last year.  Maybe I will tell the whole story here sometime.  Time for Charlie Rose on PBS and then off to bed.

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