Wednesday evening, 10 December 2008.   Today was the last day, at least till Sunday, of me having to do church stuff every day or evening for 2 weeks straight.  Not that I terribly mind, but I am about churched out, and that’s a little disjoined for the Advent frame of mind.  Tonight, I sang with 7 others, for an advent reconciliation service.

My new New Yorker magazine came today, and in it is a wonderful and insightful “retrospective” review of Leonard Bernstein by Alex Ross.  The long article is replete with a black and white, full page photograph of Bernstein conducting the Boston Symphony in a performance of Mahler’s ‘Resurrection’ symphony at Tanglewood in 1970.  Dancing there without a music stand or a baton, it looks as though he is about to fling himself backwards into a mosh pit of staid audience members.   Now, I have been a fan of Bernstein for years and years.  I loved his West Side Story when I was in high school.  I have sung, with choral groups, several of his vocal writings, including the Chichester Psalms.  I would love to attend a faithful remounting of the “Mass”.  I find his Lauda, Laude theme therein, to be one of his most sensitive choral writings ever.

Today was wet and windy and cold….two days in a row now.  It won’t be long now before Santa Dog comes in his dog sled to shower real but safe bone treats on all good little doggies around the world.  Santa Dog’s dogsled is, or course, pulled by 9 reindogs.  They are:  Donner and Blitzen, and Comet and Cupid, and Rover and Fido, and Spot and Snoopy.  The lead dog is Clifford, the big red dog with his nose so bright.  Rin Tin Tin and Lassie used to help pull Santa Dog’s sled, but they don’t  anymore since they’ve reached mandatory retirement age.  Mr. Charlie T. Dog, my Black Lab mix loves these little yuletide stories.

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